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How to root Android phone using Baidu Root
This guide will help you to root your Android device with Baidu Root.
02.11.2016, 12:30     Software usage
How to clear hosts file on Android device
This guide will help you to clean hosts file on Android operating system.
10.07.2016, 21:57     Software usage
How to install Origin client
This guide discovers key steps that you need to do to install the Origin client.
09.07.2016, 14:55     Software usage
How to disable Avast Free Antivirus
If you want to disable Avast Free Antivirus, then you should pay attention to this guide.
09.07.2016, 03:08     Security
How to import bookmarks from Opera
This guide will help you to import bookmarks from all versions of Opera browser.
09.07.2016, 01:17     Software usage
How to change your default search engine in Microsoft Edge
This guide enumerates all necessary actions a regular user should take in order to connect the browser to the search provider the...
04.07.2016, 14:22     Software usage
How to disable Avira Free Antivirus
This guide will help you to disable basic functions of Avira Free Antivirus.
04.07.2016, 04:11     Security
How to lock an archive with WinRAR
You'll learn how to add a password to RAR files.
04.07.2016, 02:30     Software usage
How to rotate video in KMPlayer
This guide will help you to make simple rotating operation with your videos in KMPLayer.
04.07.2016, 01:12     Software usage
How to change Skype login name?
This tutorial will help you to change your Skype username.
07.12.2015, 05:18     Software usage
How to restore system changes in Windows 8
This tutorial is dedicated to system restoring and recovering of unwanted changes in Windows 8.
07.12.2015, 00:10     Operating systems
How to install cache on BlueStacks
This tutorial will help you to install cache of Android apps in BlueStacks.
06.12.2015, 04:55     Software usage
How to add exceptions in Eset NOD32
This instruction is about adding exclusions in Eset NOD32.
05.12.2015, 06:34     Security
How to disable McAfee
This instruction will help you to turn McAfee antivirus off on your PC.
05.12.2015, 00:19     Security